Graz, Austria, 11-15 July 2022


The 8th Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry of South-East Europe will be held in Graz, Austria on 11-15 July 2022. Since their inception, the RSE-SEE meetings have provided a forum for the scientific community of South-East Europe closely related to the fields of electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering. This forum has proven to be a place for fruitful debates and personal exchange necessary for the further development of the field. Seven RSE-SEE symposia were already held (Croatia, Red Island 2008, Serbia, Belgrade 2010, Romania, Bucharest 2012, Slovenia, Ljubljana 2013, Bulgaria, Pravets 2015, Hungary, Balatonkeneze 2017, Croatia, Split 2019) and have always been places where people could come together and present their latest findings, share experiences and challenges in a warm and stimulating atmosphere. We are convinced that the RSE-SEE 8 will take place in the same positive environment.

The specific objective of the RSE-SEE 8 is to address the most advanced directions and new achievements in fundamental and applied electrochemistry underlying almost all research activities aimed to enhance knowledge and develop novel and/or improved materials and processes.

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The RSE-SEE meeting is fully reconciled with the mission of the ASEEE society boosting further activities towards:

  • establishing a regional network of scientists working in all aspects of electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering fields,
  • supporting cooperation among countries in the region and between countries of South-East Europe and the rest of the world.
  • advancing science, spreading and disseminating knowledge.
  • educating students and younger colleagues.
  • transferring knowledge and technology.
  • helping sustainable development of society and fostering economic growth.

logo T 200x200A well-balanced scientific program is planned. The speakers will include highly prominent and world-recognized scientists and professionals who made and are still making significant progress in the field. They will be selected due to their past credentials and distinctive vision of the future. Participants are encouraged to present their work either as oral or poster presentations. Abstract can be submitted via Abstract submission form.

Selected conference contributions will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering, the official ASEEE journal.



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