RSE SEE 3 : : May 13 - 17, 2012, Bucharest, Romania

3rd Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry of South-East Europe, May 13 - 17, 2012, Bucharest, Romania

The electrochemists from the South-East Europe provided a broad framework for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and news between themselves and with the international electrochemical and scientific community at large. The main objectives of the RSE SEE 3 have been attained:

  • Promotion of electrochemistry and its visibility as a part of science and as the basis of a significant part of modern technology.
  • Creation and promotion of international cooperation and personal contacts among electrochemists, and particularly amongst young researchers entering the field of electrochemistry.
  • Establishment and maintenance of high quality methods and standards in electrochemical research.

The RSE SEE 3 covered all fundamental and applied aspects of electrochemistry.

Number of participants: 174 (representatives of 27 universities from all over the world and 10 universities from Romania)

The younger electrochemists from the region had a tutorial and 11 oral presentations of their works between themselves before the RSE SEE 3. 


Eleonora-Mihaela UNGUREANU,  Chair

The symposium was held in Ramada Bucharest Parc Hotel