Novi Sad

 10 Pogled na grad i tvrđavu Aleksandar Milutinović(©TONS-Aleksandar Milutinović)

Novi Sad is a growing regional center with a population of over 300,000 people. It is architecturally (and, to an extent, culturally) different from other larger cities in central and south Serbia such as Belgrade and Niš, since it was not under the Ottoman influence but instead, that of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The buildings in the city centre resemble the ones in Vienna and Budapest.

Novi Sad is a university town, with more than 40,000 students attending the University of Novi Sad, which is on a beautiful green campus near the Danube. Because of the abundance of young people, Novi Sad has many bars, "hipstery" places, and is generally more open-minded than the rest of Serbia.

The people of Novi Sad are known to be relaxed and easy going, sometimes a bit too slow-paced for the other Serbians from the central and south of Serbia (their accent is one example of this).

Novi Sad is very flat with wide streets and lots of trees. For those who love hiking, there is a mountain, Fruška Gora, less than 15 km away, which is a national park featuring beautiful nature and many old monasteries.

Novi Sad attracts visitors with its safe and cozy positioning across the Petrovaradin fortress – the Gibraltar on the Danube, with its various languages that are spoken by its inhabitants, and with leisurely rhythm that is in contrast to the usual fast-paced and chaotic urban life. In the vicinity of the city nucleus loaded with Baroque, Neo-Renaissance, Classical and Bauhaus buildings, one can find picnic sites, preserved ecosystems and a complex of Orthodox monasteries scattered across the Fruška Gora National Park. The farmhouses, vineyards and wine routes at the outskirts of Novi Sad provide visitors with the opportunity to experience the richness of gastronomy and rural customs.

Novi Sad is host of one of the largest music festival in Euroee - Exit Festival which takes place on the Petrovaradin fortress in early July.

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